Rages of Hatred

Chapter 1a Where Race Has Shame

The city is drab, everything here seems to be touched with a tone of grey, and no bright colors seem to exist here. Even the ground seems a bit more grey than brown. Citizens bustle about in ragged clothing wrapped up to keep the fall chill out. Even their spirits seem a bit grey. Worse yet everything is laced with the coal the city used to keep people warm and garner some form of economy.

Hyrem is in town looking for work, as he’s heard about a farmer nearby willing to help dragonborn find jobs which are becoming harder and harder or them to do. He approaches an inn named Rudolfina which he knows is where he is to meet the farmer.

He begins to hear whimpers of fear and they look down the road to see Seldruin guards strutting down the road. Several of them seem to be harassing less human looking folks while others make aggressive gestures and orders. The armor of the enforcers gleams bright white and red as assigned by their order, while the ones barking orders wear red cloaks hanging from their left shoulders. Some turn down other roads and other paths, but two of the enforcers and a leader keep walking down the road towards Hyrem. Hyrem goes inside, but they follow him in and begin to harass patrons who are dwarvish and dragonborn. As he enters the Rudolfina, Kane watches from the shadows. He’s been tasked recently to track a certain dragonborn for a tiefling man he hasn’t quite met yet. The dragonborn has white scales with gold trim is what he knows. The name of this dragonborn is unknown to him. Kane will see Hyrem and the coloration of his scales, the only one he’s ever seen like that. One of the soldiers tries to intimidate Hyrem but Hyrem smashes his face into the bar and scares the three soldiers. One of them takes off outside, while the one in his hand soils his pants. In a few moments, the one who ran off returns with a Seldruin man in Black armor with a red shoulder cape, and twelve more soldiers. The man pulls out his sword, a weapon that channels arcane magic into a blade, and then Kane whispers to Hyrem that they should leave. The two bolt for it and are chased out of town. Kane explains they need to get to Moravia, and quickly. Hyrem decides they need horses, and asks Kane to sneak in and steal horses when it’s dark, and make sure the horse that Kane steals for him is for the man in black. Kane sneaks in and out with two horses and no problems, but worried, Hyrem enters the city and causes a ruckus with his roaring and charging. The man in black chases him. Kane sneaks back in, leaving the horses corralled outside, and sneaks down an alleyway. Then tries to get Hyrem’s attention with a rock, but Hyrem is distracted, and instead Kane hits the man in black. The Seldruin officer turns to charge Kane but Hyrem tries to distract him. As he is distracted with Hyrem, Kane steals the sword from his hands and the two of them run. The Seldruin officer chases them with his whole barracks and is shocked to see that t

Kane will need to lead them towards Moravia. The landscape are mostly hills and farms in Galicia. Moravia is mostly Highlands and seems to be colder than Galicia becaue of the slightly higher altitude. Light snow is on the ground in Moravia. On the way there, Hyrem will begin to be attacked feel shadows pressing down upon them and Kane will realize that Hyrem also sees the shadows. They are to go to the edge of the dwarven community in Moravia and meet with the informant giving Kane information from the Tiefling man by the name Koschei. The informant should lead the pair to Koschei blindfolded. Koschei explains he has plans for them but first they need to find one of the Seldruin.


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